Dangers in DIY (do it yourself) hard drive data recovery

One of the things we find when clients bring in their hard drives for data recovery is that they have tried to use software to fix a problem with their hard drives.

If you search on the internet you will find several software programs used for data recovery. These programs are good to use ONLY when there isn’t any physical problem with your drive. For example one situation they can help with is deleted files.

For recovering deleted files you would want to make sure that you aren’t loading the software on the drive that the files have been deleted from. In doing so you can be overwriting the files that have been lost. Instead you should have the drive in an external carrier to work with.

However, if you start working with a drive that has a physical problem (firmware corruption, bad sectors, bad circuit board, bad drive heads, etc.) you most likely will cause more damage to the drive. You can damage it to the point where the files are either more difficult to recover, or make the drive unrecoverable.

If your drive has a physical problem, the best advise is to stop using it immediately and contact a data recovery company like Computer Hospital / Bad Hard Drive Utah.

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